Know Your DTH Service in India

The entertainment and media information mill one of the expanding as well businesses in India. It holds diverse segments for example film, television, music, radio, and digital media. The introduction of DTH services in India with highly developed features like top quality picture and sound, interactive channels at reasonable costs has expired the domination of local cable operators. The direct to home services tend to be more reliable and easily available now-a-days in rural and also urban areas for Dish TV D2H customer care office address . The wireless network with DTH connection brings the broadcaster directly in contact with the consumer.

DTH Service in India

India comes with an enormous industry for DTH television services. There are a lot of DTH operators in India that provide customized DTH channels and packages for the customers. But, the airtel digital TV is on the list of prominent DTH services and is also preferred by many of the customers in India for the quality service at reasonable price. The performance on the airtel Digital TV services stands a means ahead by reviewing the competitors. The signal strength and signal quality are perfect. The dish antenna on the airtel DTH is approximately 20% larger using their company service provider, hence the signal reception strength never collapses in almost any adverse weather condition. Therefore, there is no doubt of best sound as well as the picture quality.

Apart through the viewing various channels, there are a variety that you can do with airtel DTH and Airtel broadband customer care . Gaming enthusiasts customers can also enjoy lots of preloaded games. airtel periodically adds new games for keeping your game excitement alive. Choose airtel DTH services to take pleasure from most advanced DTH television experience. airtel supplies a wide range of DTH packages from which to choose that suits in line with your need and budget standard.

Recently, they’ve already come out with digital TV Recorder which can be an interesting feature which may store upto 100 hours of recording. In addition, the airtel DTH TV recorder allows the client to search programmes by name or time or click Most Viewed Channels for quick surfing.

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Pan card status online Check

An ambitious package of economic reforms aimed towards deregulating the economy through the Government of India has created India a perfect destination for investment opportunities for NRIs and foreign nationals.
India could be the fourth largest economy on the globe measured regarding purchasing power parity (PPP). A series of bold economic reforms persistently undertaken with the Indian Government has stimulated foreign investment in India. Highly skilled managerial and technical manpower that is certainly comparable to the most effective available on earth, endows India using a distinct ground breaking in global competition. International investors start to see India like a potential niche for excellent return.

Indian stock markets carry on being vibrant in spite of the prevailing global financial econimic breakdown. The National Stock Exchange of India could be the third largest and Bombay Stock Exchange the 5th largest on this planet in terms trade volumes. Indian stock investing arenas are having a dream run due to effects pan card status of FII investments, good performance by Indian corporate sector and realization of better valuations by Indian companies.


For a NRI or Non-Resident Indian to advance Indian stock markets one thing is to open checking account and create an account that has a reliable stock broker and ensure that all trades can be executed transparently. An NRI will be unable to execute any trade without nominating a standard broker. There is no limit regarding how many stockbrokers one can possibly have, but a regular broker nominated in India is crucial.

NRIs ought to decide if they should trade with a repatriable or even a non repatriable basis. Let’s see what repatriable and non-repatriable mean? If an investor would prefer to invest some amount say 5000 USD into India as well as doesn’t want to gain back any money to USA, then that is certainly non-repatriable. But if they need to take the principal along with the profits back in USA, chances are they would need an NRE account that can enable detaching the principal as well as the profits after make payment on due taxes as applicable in India.

For buying Mutual Funds, however, a NRI doesn’t have permission on the Reserve Bank of India and investment can be achieved on repatriation or non repatriation basis. A NRI purchasing a mutual fund cannot increase the risk for investment which has a foreign currency but only with Indian Rupees.
NRIs can spend money on all Indian mutual funds except in funds promoted by Asset Management Companies located in US like Fidelity, Franklin Templeton and HSBC
NSDL pan status and Know Your Customer (KYC) registration will be the mandatory requirements. It is better to appoint a nearby representative in India to sign transactions in order to avoid the time-delay as well as other hassles of sending documents each time through courier.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are closed ended funds dealt with on an investment exchange. The price on the ETF on the wall street game will be different in the NAV (Net Asset Value) in the fund along with the differential is usually the premium for the book value. ETFs generally invest at the very least 65% of total assets in Indian companies through American (ADR) or Global Depository Receipts (GDR). It is also mandatory for ETFs to get preference shares, convertible debentures and share purchase warrants.
Many NRI investors feel direct investment in Indian Mutual Funds is considerably better investment in India dedicated Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) easily obtainable in the US. India dedicated ETFs invest primarily in ADRs or GDRs, of Indian companies even so the number of Indian companies with such GDR and ADR offerings are highly limited. Besides, past performance of Indian mutual funds is many more productive in contrast to India dedicated ETFs.

ADR will be the acronym for American Depository Receipt and GDR for Global Depository Receipt. If the depository receipt is traded in the United States of America (USA), method . an American Depository Receipt, or perhaps ADR. If the depository receipt is traded within a country apart from USA, stage system a Global Depository Receipt, or maybe a GDR.
Shares of Indian companies are occasionally also listed and traded on foreign stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ. Several Indian companies go for the shares on these stock exchanges indirectly ‘ using ADRs and GDRs. These receipts are listed around the stock exchanges and sold to your people because country. The shares are the same as regular stocks ‘ their prices fluctuate depending about the fundamentals with the underlying company. For Non Resident Indians and foreign nationals, ADRs and GDRs a few great investment option.

The common route for the non-resident Indian paying for companies in India could be the scheme called Aadhar card status. NSE plus the BSE in India will be the two exchanges listed for this reason. NRIs are permitted to shell out up to 5 percent on the positive be part of Indian companies’ debenture values – either on the repatriation basis or non-repatriation basis. NRIs could also, on the non-repatriation basis, freely buy government securities but cannot spend money on small savings schemes like PPF. NRIs can, over a repatriation basis, buy government securities, units of domestic bonds and shares in public places sector undertakings.

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SSLC Result 2016

Karnataka SSLC Result 2015 Karnataka SSLC (Secondary Education Examination Board) recently declared the Karnataka SSLC Result. The examinee scholars individuals who all have in the supplementary exams of Karnataka SSLC exam that was held from 15th June 2015 to 22nd June 2015 now their wait are gone for good. The examinee scholars is now able to check their Karnataka 10th results 2016 online throughout the official website with the help of this content written here. The examinee scholars have can go with the simple steps to be able to open their official score card of Karnataka SSLC Result 2015.

Follow these Steps to Open and Download the Karnataka SSCL result 2015: – i) First of each of the examinees scholars should open the official website i.e. ii) Then Click on the tab heading named as ‘Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board’ section. iii) Then Select the link named as “SSLC Supplementary Results announced”. iv) A new page will open in which the examinee scholars must fill in the knowledge asked as Registration No.; characters and after that click on the submit button. v) The system will generate the desires score card/ Karnataka SSCL result 2015 that the examinee scholars will save and print.


Teacher Shortage in Government Schools to Hit SSLC Students

BENGALURU: Government high schools are in short supply of teachers, and so are struggling to perform the syllabus for your SSLC examinations beginning March 30.

According to official information, the overall number of posts sanctioned for government high schools is 45,000, and includes assistant masters, craft teachers and headmasters. Five thousand of those posts have remained vacant for three years.

The prescribed teacher-student ratio is 1:35. But because of shortage of teachers, particularly in Hyderabad-Karnataka region, the ratio is 1:75.

This year, the federal government tried to fill 3,000 posts, though the process ran into legal problems. Candidates who studied English as being a graduate subject approached the High Court against the us govenment’s decision to take into account candidates which has a diploma in English. The court quashed your entire recruitment process, ruling the federal government had not followed rules.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Kimmane Rathnakar said, “In look at the court order, we have to start this process all over again.”

But that wont help students this current year. H K Manjunath, president, Karnataka State High School Assistant Masters Association, told Express, “Most schools are running without teachers for subjects like English, Science and Mathematics. By the time government entities completes recruitment and sends teachers, the exams will probably be done.”

Many teachers check out shortage is likely to impact SSLC Results 2016 this coming year. “The department insists we improve SSLC results, wait, how can we do this when there isn’t any teachers?” he explained.

Teachers will be shuffled around to satisfy the crisis. “We are asking teachers of Class 8 and 9 to perform the SSLC exam syllabus. That means lower is deprived of proper teaching,” said Chandrakala, assistant teacher in a high school in Hassan district.

Meanwhile, the us government is telling a nearby authorities to appoint teachers on contract, plus some schools have inked so.

But the issue is confined to rural areas. “Vacancies in city schools were filled in the annual transfers,” Manjunath said.

Contract teachers feel unhealthy about the plight of the us government schools.


“The regular teachers are overworked. Many are taking classes continuously for eight to nine hours and it also affects the caliber of teaching. As contract teachers, we simply provide some assistance,” said Sudarshan, who works in Tumakuru.

“One teacher cannot handle this type of big class. This affects the grade of teaching because it becomes impossible to succeed in out to every one of the students inside the class,” said educationist V P Niranjan Aradhya.

The shortage of staff with the primary school level is worse. The total vacancies of teachers in the us govenment primary schools is 24,532 as against the entire sanctioned posts of a single.86 lakh.

The government has started the method to recruit 9,000 teachers and fill another 9,000 posts with contract teachers. The rest are vacant to the past four years.

Basavaraj Gurikar, president, Karnataka State Primary School Teachers’ Association, said, “This continues to be the situation since

four years. We are managing concentrating on the same teachers and they are generally overloaded. In a real situation, the federal government demands quality.”

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PAN card Status

The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) on Wednesday expressed dissatisfaction within the government’s decision for making PAN card mandatory on any transaction of Rs 2 lakh and above.

“This just isn’t practical and can discriminate 70% of rural buyers, including farmers because they’re not under tax net and don’t have PAN cards. We also urge the us government to remove pan card requirement of jewellery sector and keep status-quo on employing tax collected at source (TCS) on sales of bullion on Rs 2 lakh and so on Rs 5 lakh of jewellery”,GJF Chairman Sreedhar GV said inside a release issued here.


He said additionally there is a need to reduce import duties on bullion, gems, jewellery and jewellery machineries.

Unveiling the modern norms, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia on Tuesday said on purchasing jewellery or bullion, a significant source of black-money, quoting of PAN card form can be required should the sum involved is Rs 2 lakh per transaction.

Currently, PAN is essential for transaction of Rs 5 lakh and above. All other cash transactions would attract the PAN requirement when above Rs 2 lakh.

Quoting PAN will probably be mandatory from January 1, 2016 for cash payment designed to settle hotels bills or buying foreign travel tickets of Rs 50,000 as the us govenment tightened disclosure norms to test generation of domestic black money.

“The gems and jewellery sector isn’t a source to get black money as there is a value addition of 15-20% in developing the items, while bullion is often a preferred segment for investment by black money holders. Today, you can get jewellery items besides for their daily uses additionally essential purposes like festive and religious functions, including marriages,” Sreedhar added.

The government must come up with more trade and industry friendly policies where industries can produce and grow to develop the economy, he stated.

Echoing similar views, GJF Director Bachhraj Bamalwa said:”The gems and jewellery sector will not be the generator of black money. More than 80% on the value of jewellery is garbage like silver and gold coins, that are legitimately imported in the united kingdom.”

It is usually a negative step to the industry simply because this would neutralise advantages of monetisation scheme, GJF Director Ashok Minawala said.

“As of March 31, 2015, you can find approx 22.3 crore PAN cards issued in India. Will it be justifiable to request a pan card to approximately 89-90% with the population, that do not possess one”, he asked.

Indian Jewelry Industry Concerned about New UTI PAN card status Requirements

(IDEX Online News) – The Indian jewelry industry has raised concerns within the government’s decision to require the utilization of PAN (a lasting account number code that acts as identification of Indians, in particular those who pay taxes) cards for virtually every transaction of Rs 200,000 ($3,014) and above.


The industry fears the change will further decrease the number of people buying jewelry after the change, planned for January 1, 2016, makes effect.

The government says the move is critical to try to control the number of “black money” from the system. However, All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) director Bachhraj Bamalwa told The Economic Times that this gem and jewelry sector wasn’t the generator of black money. “More than 80 percent from the value of jewelry is unprocessed trash like silver and gold which are legitimately imported in the united states.”

GJF chairman G V Sreedhar told the Times of India that this decision would discriminate against 70 percent of rural buyers, including farmers, since they fall under the minimum income level for paying tax and therefore do not have PAN cards.

He noticed that targeting the gem and jewelry sector doesn’t get to the heart on the problem. “We urge the us government to remove [the PAN] card requirement from the jewelry sector as well as maintain the status-quo on the using TCS [tax collection at source] on sales of bullion of Rs 200,000 ($3,014) properly Rs 500,000 ($7,537) of jewely,” he explained, as reported by The Economic Times.

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Australian Open 2016

Serena Williams was eliminated in the 2015 U.S. Open on Friday by Roberta Vinci from the semifinal. The loss ends her try and capture the calendar Grand Slam, which may have made her the first person to accomplish the feat since Steffi Graf in 1988.

Sky Sports News HQ noted her exit through the season’s final major:

BREAKING: Roberta Vinci to experience Flavia Pennetta in US Open final after beating Serena Williams 2-6 6-4 6-4. #SSNHQ
— Sky Sports News HQ (@SkySportsNewsHQ) September 11, 2015

Williams never placed many stock in finishing from the Grand Slam, at the least publicly. She sounded content being subtracted from Wimbledon with all the “Serena Slam,” winning the primary three majors this year after capturing the Australian open tennis 2016 for that third straight time 12 months ago.


Entering the 2010 showcase in New York, she was mentally prepared for any result and sounded eager with the spectacle to finish, as noted by Amara Grautski in the New York Daily News.

“I’m ready,” Williams said. “I don’t care if I win or lose or break even. I’m able to start it, obtain it over with and turn into done and continue on to the next event. But I’m so ready for New York.”

Perhaps that has been an honest assessment coming from a player without shortage of accomplishments for my child career resume. More likely, her outlook served being an effort to at the least alleviate some in the pressure for my child shoulders with one from the sport’s rarest feats there to the taking.

Make no mistake, the time of year Williams has created is still one in the best within the history of tennis, and she or he can still improve it inside the remaining tournaments—including inside the WTA Tour Finals. However, completing the Grand Slam would are making it all the more special.

It took some good fortune simply to get this far. Nine points during course of her three Grand Slam triumphs this season, she got pushed to some third set and won. It’s difficult to win that numerous tight matches back to back at the majors, even for your world’s top player.

The loss doesn’t diminish any with the previous titles, however it’s certainly a missed chance at making history. The opportunity may never return around.

Williams can focus on the rest in the 2015 schedule and try to end over a high note by winning the Tour Finals, which come from late October.

Looking ahead to Australian open 2016 live, she’s more likely to arrive since the favorite to every single tournament she enters. Even as her career approaches twenty years in length, she’s still the very best player on tour by way of a wide margin when anywhere in close proximity to top form.

Her Australian Open title this current year was her first since 2010. If she could repeat inside season’s starting, it could point toward an interesting season for Williams. But no less than for the time being, the calendar Grand Slam remains elusive.

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16 Indian Institutes Among Top 200 in Times Higher Education Ranking

In the rankings of Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies in the year 2016, there are 16 places among top 200 universities which are occupied by Indian educational institutions. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is at the 16th position in this ranking and it is the only Indian institute to grasp the position in the top 20 universities.

Indian Institutes Among Top 200

In the top 10 universities, there are 5 from China, two from South Africa, one from Taiwan, one from Russia and one from Brazil which includes prouni 2016. Total of 24 universities of Taiwan are listed in top 200 and India is behind this also. This shows that in spite of the fact that there are 16 institutions of India that have grasped positions in top 200 universities but still India has to work hard to compete with other developing nations like Russia. India is the only BRICS nation that has no university in the top 10.

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay is able to make it at 29th position but it is evident from the rankings that if it want to compete with other institutions of BRICS nations, the international collaboration along with much investment is required.

The rankings are based on the performance indicators and to this Baty said, “These rankings are based on the same established and trusted thirteen performance indicators used to create the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings, but they are specially calibrated to reflect the development priorities of universities in emerging economies.”

It has been established that the United States spends 2.76% of its GDP on science research, South Korea spends 4.04% but India spends less than 0.88%. And more over Brazil spends the highest in scholarship programs like sisu 2016. This creates more pressure on resources as there is continue expansion of the population of the young people in India. So it is very important that more investment is done in research by India.

List of Universities with their rankings

Name of the University Ranking
1 Indian Institute of Science 16
2 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 29
3 Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 36
4 Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 37
5 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 45
6 Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee 48
7 Jadavpur University 80
8 Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati 83
9 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 95
10 Panjab University 121
11 Savitribai Phule Pune University 127
12 University of Calcutta 137
13 Aligarh Muslim University 150
14 University of Delhi 154
15 Amrita University 181
16 Andhra University 193

So this is the final list of the 16 universities which are ranked in top 200. That makes India feel really proud!

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Minecraft for PC: Install Minecraft on Windows 7/8/10

Minecraft for PC

Minecraft is a game that is developed by Mojang. It is about breaking and placing blocks. When you talk about such games, you can also have a look at some amazing apps like Movie HD app which gives you a chance to stream HD movies online. There are certain nocturnal monsters in Minecraft game and the player need to built structures to protect him from these monsters in the beginning but as the game proceeds, the player has to create wonderful and imaginative things. This game has creative and survival mode. You can build anything depending on your imagination. People often get addictive by this game. Minecraft is provided with 3D graphics which is attractive and looks like primitive. It is an enjoyable game which has different modes and beautiful scenes. It is one of the best indie games which are enjoyed by all age groups. By playing Minecraft, you are able to enhance your creativity.

Gameplay of Minecraft for PC

Minecraft is like open world where you can do whatever you want to. You are free to do mining, breeding, crafting, questing and crafting as per your desires. There will be new goals and quests in every new game. No two games are same.

Minecraft for PC

In the survival mode, the player has to survive and thrive in the world that is full of danger and hunger. You need to first build the shelter for the player which is born so that he can survive the first night. After this, you need to create their first tool that is a pickaxe. One of the most time consuming and rewarding aspects of the game is gathering items and materials.

In the creative mode, you need to create anything with the help of unlimited blocks and resources provided. It all depends on your imagination about what you want to create. You can even build cities, roller coasters, sets from TV shows and movies and many more. You also have the access to fly in this creative mode.

The gameplay of Minecraft changes according to the moods of the player. It all depends on the player whether he wants to do farming or slaying monsters. There is no strict genre rule by the game and player is allowed to run their wild imagination. Make sure that you don’t miss to download Kingroot APK, in case if you want to root your android device. Well, to play Minecraft game on your tablet or smartphone, there is no such need to install it.

So the pros of this game are that it allows for endless levels of exploration and creativity. There are many secrets which you have to discover. Visual style is interesting. But the crafting of Minecraft is confusing and it is difficult to get a multiplayer game going.

Here’s How You Can Download Minecraft for PC

An android emulator is required to download this game on PC. One of the most used emulator which is safest is Bluestacks. The procedure of downloading Minecraft is given below:

  1. First step is to download Bluestacks from here. For other apps, you need to download their APK from this link
  2. Once it is done, install the software.
  3. Open Bluestacks and you will see a search bar on the left top corner. Type “Minecraft” in it and click ‘Enter’.
  4. You will see the name of the game in the search result. Click on it to download and install the game.

Now you will have this wonderful game on your PC and so you are set to enjoy interaction with other players, worldwide battling monsters and building blocks leading to creating something new every time. You can also check out PlayBox iOS to download the movie streaming apps.

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Hi Climb Racing for PC Guidelines

Hi Climb Racing is another kid loving racing game popular for its simple car racing features. This provides the easy way of playing and getting the fun of car racing. This game is so popular and demanded to vshare download in every smartphone device. This game is free to use in Android and IOS platforms. This app is still not available for PC users. But you can enjoy the fun of car racing in PC’s large screen with our guidelines of Hi Climb Racing for PC. Now no need to race with the small cars in the small screens, enjoy fun of playing big luxurious car racing fun in the sparkling screens of LED. Well we will talk about that guideline later, first we want to show you the discovered advantages of playing this game. let’s make you aware of it here under.


Hi Climb Racing Features

  • Simple and stunning hi mountain climbing racing card
  • You can get the unlimited free fun of playing this game without hectic of target
  • You need to collect the coins within racing to race the car
  • Its on you how to control your car and climb the car on mountain
  • Graphics and audible quality will let you love this game
  • User friendly interface
  • You can choose your vehicle of car or bike but the target will be same

How to Download HI Climb Racing for PC

Download HI Climb Racing for PC via bluestacks option. Bluestacks is the reliable software click here for surfing and installing all your favorite android apps in PC.


  • First quickly go to Google and find Bluestcks offline installer
  • If you find it click on download
  • If it is downloaded from here in your computer open it
  • If you have opened it then make a look for search link
  • One box will appear there
  • Write here “Hi Climb Racing” and instantly find the install tab and click on it
  • Wait till the complete procedure is done
  • Now move your cursor to bluestacks>MY>apps link
  • Your game is available now for free playing

Get the unlimited fun of playing this game via Hi Climb for PC guideliens, we have written here for you. if you like this article, you can easily send and share with your friends too.

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CBDT Plans To Verify Details Using Pan And Aadhaar Card

Pan Card seeding with Aadhaar Card project is started and CBDT has already announced that they will soon going to map all the verification with using the single identity proof Aadhaar Card to avoid fraudulent activities. This kind of step is taken by CBDT to merge all the verification with using pan card verification details and Aadhaar card details.

pan card status

The Chair Person of CBDT announces that they are working on this stunning project to provide the ease of work to both tax payers and tax officers. There are millions of the tax payers pays their taxes regularly but due to some risk profiles we need to do keen scrutiny of around 3 to 4 lakh people annually. We get information from every department but it is not valid sometimes. But with the link generated of e-tax filling with Aadhaar Card we will have perfect biometric information of every individual so that we can safely proceed to verification process.

Aadhaar No user is valid for online taxpaying without sending signed acknowledgement copies to the Central Processing Centre of state. Now smoothly tax filler can verify the person whoever is suspected profile. This project will just not save money of tax payer but also the precious time of tax filler.

Now Aadhaar card person can directly go for the online tax filling with entering pan card status, Aadhaar Card no and Mobile No. Here the tax payer will get the OTP no by SMS. Once tax payer will include that OTP no in the required OTP column their process comes to end.

Now you are free from sending assigned ITR-V paper, your task of paying online tax is accomplished here. You will be soon notified by SMS your verification is completed or not.

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Get US Open Live Scores and Latest Updates at Your Fingertips

US Open tennis 2015 grand slam tournament has just started and the tennis fans are pretty much excited to watch their favorite players live. If you too want to watch your tennis stars live, you can always visit the US Open live streaming links for best results. This source will provide you with HD live streaming videos directly from the official US Open website. There wouldn’t be any kind of buffering as it is directly telecasted from the official website. So make the most out of the live streaming videos and catch the live action on your fingertips.


US Open Live Scores:

Well if you don’t have much time to watch the matches live on your devices or at the tennis courts, you can always stay updated by checking the US Open live scores at a glance. There are times when you are busy at your work place or at your home. And this is where your curiosity increases to next level because you haven’t got a single update of the US Open tennis 2015. Isn’t it? This is where our sources will provide you all the latest happenings of the grand slam tournament.

US Open Latest Updates Are Here!

The tennis fans that are crazy about the grand slam tournaments to watch live are well aware of the sources to get the latest updates of the tournament. But if you are new to this, you are sure to face some problems to search the best source to stay updated with the latest news of the US open tennis 2015. Especially, when it comes to US open mens final, it has been observed that it’s the peak time when most of the tennis fans search for the live streaming kind of things. And this is where we provide you the best sources to catch the live action and stay updated with the live scores of the tournament.


Other Tournaments Played All Over the World:

Other than tennis, there are many tournaments played all over the world. For an instance, take Bundesliga football which is at present played in Germany and there are 18 teams participating in it. If you want to see the matches live on your computer or smartphones, you can switch to any one of the Bundesliga live stream sources to catch the live action. We are sure that you will enjoy the matches of this tournament and would love to watch the US Open tennis simultaneously.

So enjoy all the sporting events which are played all around the globe. Be it a tennis match, football, baseball or basketball, we will provide you the best source to stay updated with the latest updates.

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